Energy & Utility

Northeast Supply Link Expansion

Lebanon, New Jersey

Project Overview

MFS provided professional engineering services to Wood Group Mustang (WGM) in support of the Williams Transco Northeast Supply Link Expansion project in Lebanon, New Jersey.

Lebanon, New Jersey

Project Details

The proposed construction included the horizontal direction drilling (HDD) of the 6.64 mile Stanton Loop of the supply link. MFS was retained by WGM to complete cleaning and video inspection, and overall project coordination of the post-HDD conditions assessment of the existing stormwater management system adjacent to the Stanton Loop, and to determine if any damage had occurred as a result of the HDD.


  • Owner:
    Williams Transco
    • Client:
      Wood Group Mustang

Services Provided

  • Our land development engineers will guide the client through the permitting process that exists at the state and local levels. The site development process consists of numerous moving parts with multiple professional disciplines helping to bring the project from concept to reality.